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Guided by our board mandate, St. Peter’s embraces our Catholic Values– faith, love, family, compassion, service, truth, justice, forgiveness and hope. Together with our vision and mission statements, our values help form our collective identity. These values, along with the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, form a common reference point for all aspects of life in our school both curricular and non-curricular. They are the framework for the lifelong learning and spiritual journeys of the children we serve.
Our Vision
We are a faith-filled Catholic learning community dedicated to excellence.
Our Mission
St. Peter’s School Community is committed to academic excellence in Catholic education, which is rooted in a rich tradition of life-long faith, family and community values. As servant leaders and active partners, it is the shared responsibility of staff, parents, students, trustees, religious and the clergy to foster:
   -   An atmosphere that inspires love and service to God as well as the search for wisdom and knowledge
  -   A spirit of respect, open communication, inclusion and forgiveness
  -   Growth (spiritual, psychological, physical and social) in a Christ-centered environment, where choices are made that instill a personal conscience formed according to our Catholic faith
   -   A just and loving society through service according to Christ’s vision of the Kingdom of God  
   -   Respect and dignity for the uniqueness of each individual who is gifted in Christ. 

Our Catholic Values
Faith, hope, love, family, compassion, service, truth, justice and forgiveness are the values that we have articulated to strengthen our Catholic identity. At a time when Catholic education continues to be challenged, these values give our school communities – students, families and staff – the opportunity to clearly express our faith as we live these values in our daily lives.

Our Community Partners

  -   Big Brothers and Big Sister’s of Parry Sound

  -   Hands

  -   SEAC
  -   St. Peter The Apostle Church

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