Victim Services District of Parry Sound (VCARS)
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Victim Services are community response programs that provide immediate, short-term crisis intervention services to persons affected by crime, tragedy, and disaster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Victim Services staff or trained volunteers provide emotional support, practical assistance and an information and referral program on-site or by telephone. Our crisis responders provide immediate short-term assistance and make referrals to other community agencies for longer-term help.
Our Mission

To provide immediate crisis support and referral services to victims of crime, trauma and tragic circumstances, in partnership with emergency and community services in the District of Parry Sound.
Who is a Victim?
  • Anyone whose life has been affected by trauma, tragedy or disaster, regardless of severity
  • Someone whose personal rights have been violated by criminal, violent or aggressive acts
  • Family and friends of persons who have been injured or killed as a result of a serious accident or as a result of a crime
  • Someone who has viewed a violent or traumatic incident 
What is a Crisis?
A crisis can be any of the following forms of crimes, tragedies and disasters:
Abuse, Accidents, Accommodation Crisis, Arson, Assaults, Break & Enter, Death Notification, Disaster, Domestic Violence, Drowning, Family Crises, Fatalities, Fire, Fraud, Grief & Bereavement, Harassment, Home Invasion, Homicide, Missing Persons, Motor Vehicle Collisions, Personal Injury, Property Crime, Robbery, Safety Planning, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Sudden Death, Suicide.
How We Can Assist
  • Advocate on the victim’s behalf
  • Help victims cope with the impact of a traumatic event
  • Provide an opportunity for victims to talk
  • Help victims regain a sense of personal control
  • Provide information about available resources and services
  • Validate emotions and reactions
  • Reduce possible re-victimization
  • Help victims return their lives to a desired degree of stability
  • Ensure victims receive and will continue to receive support and assistance
  • Assist victims in their community until natural support networks arrive (friends and family)
  • Assist police and other emergency service providers 
Contact Us
25 Church Street
Parry Sound, ON. P2A 1Y2
Phone: (705) 746-0508
Fax: (705) 746-6379

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